Satellite Data

Satellite Data

Access using GUI

Satellite data can be found using data portals such as Sentinel Hub, you can use it to search for data and visually inspect it on a map. You can also get the link to a AWS S3 file from Sentinel Hub that you can later download.

For uncommon or paid products, you have to go to product or satellite specific portals to download the data.

Programmatic Access

To search and download satellite imagery programmatically, you can use a STAC Catalog. STAC (SpatioTemporal Asset Catalog) is a new standard that is quickly being adopted in the Earth Observation industry. You can use the following STAC catalogs backed by Sat-Api and have Landsat-8 and Sentinel-2 cataloged:

Sat-Api has a client called sat-search that can be used either from command line or from a Python module. To install this client run:

pip install sat-search

To find imagery using command line you can run the following command which will save all scenes found over the giving bounding box during December 2019 with cloud cover less than 10% into a JSON file. See sat-search documentation for more information:

sat-search search --bbox -123.29 49.17 -123.02 49.3 --datetime 2019-12-01/2019-12-31 -p "eo:cloud_cover<10" --save scenes.json

This JSON file can be now used to download the imagery.

sat-search load scenes.json --download thumbnail MTL

AWS Open Data

There are a number of satellite imagery datasets available at Open Data on AWS, however these are not indexed and are hard to search for.